The Creative Curriculum and Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum are based on a foundation of a carefully organized and rich environment.

Happy baby Birth - 12 months


Learn Through Nurturing and Responsive Caregiving
Our infant program is built upon trusting relationships with the important adults in their lives. Feeling loved and secured in their environments allows children to venture out and learn.

How We Achieve It
Our staff turns caregiving routines into care teaching experiences. All infant experiences are based on the individual child's temperament, needs and developmental level. The child staff ratio is one adult for every 4 infants.

Little boy looking out a window 12 months - 2 years


Learn Through Exploration
At this stage, everything a child sees, tastes, touches, smiles at and hears builds a child's brain and leads to new abilities. Experiences in these early years become the building blocks for school readiness, language and literacy, math and science.

How We Achieve It
Our staff provides an organized learning environment with many choices in a stimulating yet caring atmosphere. Toddlers learn as they are introduced to experiences, new friends and materials. Experiences evolve as children use their senses to explore new concepts and develop their own ideas. The child staff ratio is one adult for every 4 four toddlers.

Two year old on all fours 2 - 3 years

Early Preschoolers

Learn Through Discovery
Two year olds and young three year olds learn by being active and using their interests to construct learning. These busy learners need a safe environment with many chances to experience multiple learning experiences.

How We Achieve It
The safe classroom environment offers many and varied materials for children to use, reuse and explore. Staff creates opportunities for children to experience math, science, social, physical and language activities and materials while utilizing their natural curiosity. The child staff ratio is one adult for every eight early preschool children.

Girl with paint on hands 3 - 5 years


Learn Through Experiences
Our preschool programs help prepare children for success in school and in life. Preschool children are at a special stage and are learning all the time. The classroom interest centers are enhanced and expanded at this age for individual and age appropriate interests and developmental objectives. Literacy becomes a major focus as children prepare to enter kindergarten.

How We Achieve It
Emerging Language & Literacy Curriculum is an additional component added to Creative Curriculum for children ages 3-5. It addresses each developmental area, based on children's literature. Language and literacy-based activities are incorporated throughout the learning centers, daily activities and routines. The child staff ratio is one adult for every ten 3-5 year old children.