Families are an integral and important part of CCDC with many opportunities for parents to become involved.

Story time

Open Door Policy

Families can visit CCDC at anytime and participate in classroom activities. The open-door policy and large observation windows allow parents to observe and interact with their child during the daily activities.

Special Events

Families can attend special center events. CCDC sponsors seven family events during the year. These include a Curriculum Night, Grandparents Day, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party, Family Feast Night and the Spring Fling/Preschool Graduation.

Parent Education

Families can attend weekly parent education sessions. These sessions provide information on topics as wide ranging as potty training to money management. Income eligible families may receive a child care tuition voucher for attendance.

Family Teacher Conferences

Families can attend family-teacher conferences held twice yearly. During conferences, teachers will share the profile and observations with parents documenting the child's progress in each goal areas. Families are welcome to schedule conferences with teachers at any time.

Family Advisory Group

Families can become a part of the Family Advisory Group. This group is vital to the success of the center. They provide assistance during special events, in the classroom and advise the Board of Directors on matters important to families. Yearly, the group sponsors a Book Fair and a Spring Fundraiser to purchase small equipment for the center. In addition, a center work night is scheduled each year.

Keep Informed

Families can stay informed through the CCDC Monthly Newsletter. Each month the newsletter contains important center information and announcements and menus. In addition, Textcaster reminds families of events and sends out announcements.